Monday, March 5, 2012

The Beads Have Arrived

My beads arrived last Friday for the bead swap and I’m very excited about the soup I received.  Beth put a lot of thought into the beads and components which are inspired by her dreams of Spring.  Living in Alaska, she has to wait a bit longer than most of us to enjoy nice Spring weather.   As soon as I saw the beads and read her note, I had design ideas running through my head.  I’ve started working on a piece and love it so far.
Back to the bead arrival.  I’ve opened the mailbox with anticipation for the past 3 days – on Friday, my anticipation was quelled when I saw a small brown box sitting in my mailbox.  Just to be sure, I had to check the return address to see if Beth’s name was there.  It was.  Now I was really excited.
This may sound corny, but I didn’t want to open it right away.  Much like Christmas morning, I was afraid the fun would be over too soon.  I left the package on my counter for a bit, trying to imagine what was inside.  When I did open it, I saw the cutest packaging inside.  Beth packed all of her goodies in a Chinese takeout box – it was so cute. 
Inside the takeout box, I found a treasure of goodies.  Beth’s handmade polymer focal piece and clasp are my favorites.  They form the foundation of her inspiration and helped guide me in my design.   There were also seed beads, pearls, chain, peridot chips, crystals, and the cutest little pewter birds nest.  

For those of you who have done multiple swaps, I probably sound a little silly but this is my first swap and I want to enjoy every minute of it.  Now the anticipation builds again as we look forward to the reveal.