Sunday, April 8, 2012

Role Reversal

I've been talking about getting a torch for some time now and Sears just happened to be open today (Easter Sunday).  Lew and I headed over to the farmer's market to get some fresh strawberries and afterward, he suggested that we stop on the way back and get my torch.  He didn't have to ask twice - I was ready to go!!  While we were in Sears, I found a few other goodies and some were even on sale.  A pair of tweezers perfect for pulling pieces out of LOS, a pick and hook set that will be perfect for something, a nice 6" metal ruler for measuring wire, a rubber mallet that was only $1.99, and of course my Lenk LPT-500 Pro-Torch with 2 butane refills.
Lenk Butane Torch

As we were standing at the checkout counter, I asked Lew if he would have ever guessed that I would get excited about shopping in the tool department.  He laughed and said, "No, but who would have guessed that I'm the one who wants new kitchen counter tops?"  So I have my new tools and Lew is getting his new counter tops.  Role reversal indeed!


  1. Sounds like my husband and I! He's been experimenting in the kitchen and I've been comparing ads for every local hardware store to get the best deals on my metal working tools :)

  2. I can hardly believe it myself but I love shopping for tools!